Grade 2 Daily Warm Up Work Sheets

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For use with Saxon Math Home Study

(may be used in place of Meeting Strips provided by Saxon, or as an independent warm up for any math curriculum)

I have added the Grade 2 work sheets because I received so many requests! My original work sheets were for Grade 3, which I made for use with my own children. (You can read more about that on the Grade 3 Work Sheet Page)

Saxon Math 2 Home Study Edition has 132 lessons. I have arranged the work sheets 5 on a page, making 27 pages total.

While the Grade 2 work sheets are naturally more simple than Grade 3, there were a few aspects of the "the Meeting" that I found tedious: drawing the patterns, thinking up daily activities for the time portion, special events for the calendar, and keeping track of which fact families to practice. I can't help you with the daily activities or the special events, since obviously those are going to depend on your own family. But I have painstakingly drawn all the patterns for you!

Grade 2 Work Sheet

Also, I have included the numbers for the fact families, which begin in Lesson 83. Saxon does not indicate which numbers to use each day, the teachers edition leaves that up to you. I personally had trouble keeping track of which ones we had already done. So for the work sheets I put in the numbers for all the fact families 1+1 to 9+9, starting with the lower numbers first. The last 5 lessons also use 10+10, 10+11, 11+11, 11+12, and 12+12. Note that I did not make room on the work sheets to write the fact families themselves - I just provided the 3 numbers to be used each day. Saxon suggests to have your child write the 4 number sentences on a chalk board. We used a dry erase board which my son loved to write on - it helped keep interest in the lesson.

View and Print Samples:

Please look at the photo and sample pages closely, and email me if you have ANY QUESTIONS. Several sample pages are available for free download if you would like to see more detail. Please make sure that you are able to open and print the sample pages BEFORE you purchase these work sheets. I have done my best to make sure all worksheets are correct, but there may be errors. If you find an error, I will correct it if possible, and send you a corrected sheet if you wish.

  1. pdf file icon Grade 2 Sample Work Sheet #11-15   [pdf file 51k]
  2. pdf file icon Grade 2 Sample Work Sheet #86-90   [pdf file 55k]


Satisfaction Guaranteed

I made these work sheets as a homeschool mom to make my homeschool day run more smoothly. My hope is that they will do the same for you. If you are not happy with these worksheets, please let me know! If I can't fix it, I will be glad to issue a refund.

Customer Feedback

Here is some of the positive feedback I have received on ebay for the Grade 3 work sheets:

  • "The item was just what I needed!!" - jejjebarrera
  • "Highly Recommended, saves ALOT of time! Thanks" - lindysflowergarden
  • "What a time saver these printable sheets are for me!!!" - tily4
  • "Easy download, was as seller described." - grandmacof7
  • "I love these sheets! Makes it so convenient! Thank you." - artsci123
  • "An absolute must have. Very well put together." - cherrylw2
  • "Awesome. The product was better than I hoped." - kchappy84

PDF Format

These work sheets are provided in pdf format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these pages. Adobe Acrobat Reader is FREE and can be downloaded here

Printing for Multiple Families or Schools

I believe that if you purchase these work sheets for your children, you should be able to print as many copies as you need for your family. If you find the work sheets useful and would like to share them with your friends, I would ask you to direct your friends to my web site. I have priced the work sheets low enough so that each family can afford to purchase their own set.

If you are a teacher of students other than your own children, and would like to use the worksheets for your classroom, please choose the "classroom teacher" option before adding to your cart.  Purchasing the classroom teacher license grants you permission to use the work sheets for your own classes, for as many students as you wish - there is no restriction regarding how many years or classes they may be used for.  If other teachers would like to use these work sheets, please direct them to this site to purchase their own copy for their own classrooms.


These worksheets are not published by Saxon Math and are NOT endorsed or affiliated by Saxon Math in any way. They are an independent supplement designed to work with the Saxon Math Grade 3 curriculum. They may be used instead of the blank meeting strips that Saxon Math provides. I found them helpful, and I hope you will too.

Are work sheets available for other grades?

Grade 1 Weather Stickers
Grade 1 is very simple and does not need any additional work sheets, however  I have added a page of weather stickers for use on the weather chart, which I created for my son.

Grade 3 Work Sheets are available

The format of Saxon Math changes significantly after the 3rd grade. I did not find any additional work sheets needed for Saxon 5/4 or above.

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