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A collection of online resources, study tools, and tips for Bible Bee families and friends.

Online Resources and Tips for Bible Bee (, Deep Bible Study and Memorization

2022 Update:  Ten years later, Bible Bee is still around, but many of the resources we used in the early days are gone, moved, or remade!  There are so many new resources available new, particularly many apps.  I have removed or updated links for some, but I left a lot here for history as well.  It was an amazing time in our family, and it was fun to be in on the ground roots of something.  I am still friends with some members of our study groups.

Here’s a few things I have found helpful – I’ll probably add more after awhile. Feel free to comment and add your own favorites as well!

Four Amazing Online Bible Study Resources:

Let me forewarn – there are so many very excellent resources available just at these 4 sites, that one can easily be overwhelmed! I would suggest that you just pick one you like, and stick with it. However, if you are looking for a particular feature, sometimes it’s worth checking into what’s available. Each site has it’s own “flavor” and strengths and special features. Some are better for reading, some for printing, some excel for cross references, another may highlight Greek definitions more to your taste.
Did you know that you can open multiple versions of the Bible at once, side by side? Just look for the link “add parallel” on the right side of the page. Each time you click it, a new column will be added, and you can choose which version of the Bible you would like displayed. Pretty cool, huh?

Bible Gateway

If you use the parallel view often, just bookmark the page with all your favorite versions open. When you open the bookmark, just type in the passage you want to study, and it will open in all those versions at once.

If you want to compare several different verses or passages, you can enter multiple references, just separated by a comma, and they will be displayed all on the same page. For example, 2 Timothy 1:8, 2 Timothy 2:8, Mark 1:15

Both the 2011 and 1984 versions of NIV are available at
Quick buttons to access information on any passage:
– Treasury of Scripture Knowledge for correlated passages
– Strong’s Concordance and lexicon – including pronunciation for the Greek words
– Commentaries on any passage
– Images, Maps, and Hymns

BlueLetterBible has excellent options if you want to copy a passage of Scripture – just use the “copy options” to select your preferred format, and copy the text to the clipboard.
Be sure to read through the Help / FAQs to learn more about the excellent tools on this site
This site comprises a vast collections of Bible Study tools, many of which are linked together, including commentaries, lexicons, cross-references, Strongs numbers etc.
Some of the noteworthy resources on this site include the Greek (original and transliterated, both the Textus Receptus AND the Wescott and Hort), and the Hebrew (as well as the LXX – Septuagint, both in Greek [SEP] and transliterated [SPT]).

(Bible Hub was formerly called Biblos)
NOTE: updated 2022 – the site is now
This site also includes parallel views of multiple versions and translations, including multiple Hebrew and Greek when available. At this time the 1984 NIV is not included, only the 2011 version.
The “intermediate” section shows both short and long definitions of according to Strongs numbers, and cross-references in the next column.

Inductive Bible Study Resources and Commentaries
This site combines many of the best commentaries available in a verse by verse study of 2 Timothy.  Studies of other books are available as well.
Learn more about inductive Bible study methods here!

Precept Ministries – Precept Ministries International was founded by Jack and Kay Arthur in 1970 to establish teens in God’s word.  You can learn more about their Precept for Life Bible studies and order your own study guides from this site

Online Audio Bibles features streaming audio Bible in many versions, playable on your computer. There is a Biblegateway app for iphone and Android. but it requires iOS 4.3, and therefore won’t work on an older (2 gen) iPod touch. It should work on newer iPhones /iPod / iPad. also offers streaming dramatized audio Bible (, as well as FREE audio download (I downloaded the ESV New Testament – about 500 MB!). There are apps for iphone, ipad, and adroid. The iPod app is very nice – both text and streaming, plus an option to download text/ audio to listen to offline (KJV, and ESV).

Mobile Apps

2022 Update:  The memory apps from 2012 are either non-existent or have become websites instead, so I have moved those to the Memorizing Tools section.

There are as many Bible apps available as versions of the Bible, and many of them are very good. Here are a couple that I have:

Touch Bible has a free version which includes Strongs concordance which is very nice to have when I’m not at my computer.

Study Tools

Bible Bee e-store Don’t forget to check out the great study helps for the 4th Annual 2012 National Bible Bee in the 2012 Study Resources, including games, software, books, videos and more!

Quizlet – Create your own study flash cards or use card sets created by others! Be sure to search for Bible Bee – there are several established groups that you can ask to join if you want.

Memorizing Tools

Tools which allow you to enter/import text or verses, have various methods of helping you memorize through typing the words or first letters.  Most offer several levels of “help” until you reach mastery, and some sort of review process over a period of time.  As memorized verses accumulate, the review process can be overwhelming, so tools that help you organize and review consistently are very helpful.

Scripture Typer App /
Note: 2022, the old ScriptureTyper link now redirects to a web-based memory tool.  From there,  Apple and Android apps are available.  Bible Memory is easier than ever before with the Scripture Typer iPhone app (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad w/iOS 5).  Bible verses / passages are easy to import automatically from online resources, with many Bible versions available.  There are ads, with the option to upgrade for ad-free.  Settings let you choose to type words or just first letters, require or ignore punctuation and the reference.  Three levels let you switch between typing while reading the entire verse, typing with some words missing, and typing with no prompts.  Hints come in the form of a few words.  A clever “meter” lets you know your percentage of correct words.

Memorize Now!
If you like memorize using the “promterize” method – this little app really works! It’s a bit time consuming to enter your own passages via copy and paste, but for longer passages especially, it is very clever.  Note 2022:  This was an app, but now it is just a website.  It is very simple, but still effective.  You can view the verse, and click to remove words one at a time to practice, or you can review just the first letters, or you can view the verse as dashes, and type the first letters.  Unlike some, it is punctuation and case sensitive. It also includes a “flash card” feature that will show you the reference, and and allows you to click to reveal the verse.  This site does not save any of your verses online, but does allow you to save to your computer (as a webpage) so that you can work “offline”.  You can reconnect the page to the website to add, edit, or delete items.

Memverse – Wonderful FREE tool with a great community of Bible Bee fans already using this. Requires typing so better for older students who can type. Some parents use this and type the verse in as the children recite. Good for typing practice also! This site helps keep track of which verses you need to practice until the are truly memorized.

Prompterize! Learn how to memorize using the prompt technique.  This site offers a free tool to convert any text to prompts.  It creates the promterized versions (first letters) of the text for you, so you can print or paste into your own documents.

Learn Scripture – Web based memory tool using first letters with prompts.  This site is simple to use and makes Bible memory easy.  Allows you to review by just typing the first letter into word boxes.  Gives hints on request, or fills in the correct word on 2 errors.  Choose from existing verse sets or create your own.  Limited Bible versions though due to copyright laws and costs.

2012 Sword Drill Software from the Bible Bee e-store.  Sword Drill computer program allows students a fun way to learn and then quiz themselves on their Bible Bee verses.  New! This year, Sword Drill also includes some extra games and study helps. Not available in NIV 1984.

2012 Cross Quiz Memory Software can be purchased from the Bible Bee e-store and offers both Bible Bee and Standard modes – so you can learn your own verses too!
– Support for the six most common Bible versions: NIV, KJV, NKJV, NASB, ESV, and NLT.  Works on PC only, not compatible with Mac.

Study-Pro / 2012 Bible Bee – comes with 2012 Bible Bee verses already loaded.  The Nationals verses will be made available as a free update when they are released.  NIV 1984 is not available on these apps due to publisher limitations.
Note: 2022, leaving these for historical reasons, but I don’t think these are available or viable anymore !
Android available from Amazon Apps for Android
iPhone / iPod from iTunes App Store

Impress Kids Was an online subscription service, with Bible memory games for grade school ages: Verse Hero, Lily Pad Hop, Granny’s Bible Dojo.  The website is no longer active in 2022.

Memory Man –  An older program that coordinated with Awana – it allowing you to add your own verses. It’s kind of “quirky” (meaning you have to fuss with it a bit to get it set up), but it happens to be one of my son’s favorite memorization program out of the many we have tried.


Torchlighters® are animated, true-life stories of Christian heroes retold for young people. (Adults are also inspired by them.) Each Torchlighter® episode comes with a documentary and other features.  Titles include Gladys Aylward, William Booth, John Bunyan, Amy Carmichael, Jim Elliot, Eric Liddell, Perpetua, William Tyndale, Richard Wurmbrand

The Torchlighters series of videos are available for purchase at the Bible Bee e-store. offeres offers some Torchlighters® titles as streaming video through Amazon Instant Videos.

If you have a Netflix account some Torchlighters® titles are available on DVD as well (not streaming though).


The support of friends is an important factor! If you happen to be a Facebook user, join a group!
Devoted to Family Discipleship – For families who are devoted to discipling their families through in-depth Bible study, Scripture memorization, and prayer (and many of our families are participating in Bible Bee).  Be sure to check out the “files” tab in this group – many have shared helpful documents there such as prompterized Bible Verses, songs, and study guides.  Closed group – you need to ask to join.

Teens Devoted to Discipleship – A place for teens who met during the Bible Bee and want to encourage one another in discipleship and study and future Bible Bees, Bible Bowl, and other Bible competitions. Closed group – you need to ask to join.

And of course, don’t forget Bible Bee on Facebook!

The National Bible Bee Start here to learn what the National Bible Bee is all about!

The National Bible Bee FAQ
All official questions should be directed to The National Bible Bee.  Please go to your Local Bible Bee Host with any questions that you might have.  If your Host is unsure of the answer, he or she can ask a Bible Bee Headquarters Customer Service Representative for assistance.  Headquarters can then post commonly asked questions on the FAQ page of the website. We want everyone to have the same information, and this is the best route with our small ministry team.

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  1. Sarah says:

    An app I strongly recommend is Strongs KJV. I use the free version, and it is amazing for digging into greek and hebrew. I even use it during sermons during church and daily devo’s, not just for Bible Bee. I’m a greek fanatic thanks to Bible Bee. 😉

  2. Carrie Schwartz says:

    This page is going to be a great resource itself– great to have all the info in one place to refer friends to! You might want to include our favorites: CrossQuiz and StudyPro, both useful memorization tools that come pre-loaded with Bible Bee verses. Thanks!

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