Grade 1 Daily Warm Up Work Sheets

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For use with Saxon Math Home Study

(may be used in place of Meeting Strips provided by Saxon, or as an independent warm up for any math curriculum)

By popular request, I have now added Grade 1 work sheets! My original work sheets were for Grade 3, which I made for use with my own children. (You can read more about that on the Grade 3 Work Sheet Page)

Saxon Math 1 Home Study Edition has 130 lessons. I have arranged the work sheets 5 on a page, making 26 pages total.

Grade 1 Meeting Strips are really very, very simple. The first several weeks are just writing the date! A number pattern, coin cup and digital time are added as the year progresses. At the request of home school parents, I have incorporated options for more of "the meeting" activities into the work sheets.

I have also included LOTS of EXTRA supplemental printables, which may be useful to some families. A quick summary of what is included:

Daily Work Sheets

  • Two versions of the daily work sheets: one with clock faces at the bottom, and one without. Please view the sample pages for examples of each.
  • 5 lessons on a page
  • Weekly calendar at the top of the worksheet, which may be used for portions of the daily meeting as desired: date, shape pattern, weather, reading days of the week.
  • Lines to write in the date (month day year) every day. The parent portion of the number pattern is filled in for you, and space is provided for the student to complete the number pattern.
  • Weekly shape pattern shown at the top
  • Coin Box and Digital Time Box
  • Optional clock faces at the bottom, or space for other charting.

Grade 1 Work Sheet


  • Printable shapes, charts, clocks etc that parents need to make before a lesson
  • Monthly Calendar Pages, with the monthly shape pattern at the top
  • Large Flash Cards for addition and subraction facts, as introduced in the lessons

shapes clock chart flash cards counting book

Counting Book:

Flip Style Counting Book: marked with each day's counting sequence on the hundreds chart (front) and counting by (2's, odd's 5's, 10's, 100's) on the back. Starting number and direction indicated by arrows. Example:

(Lesson 62 Front)

  • Count backward from 30 to 1
  • Count forward from 47 to 74

(Lesson 62 Flip Side)

  • Count by 2's from 2 to 20
  • Count odd numbers from 1 to 19
  • Count by 10's from 10 to 100
  • Count by 10's backward, from 100 to 10

counting book front counting book back counting book photo

View and Print Samples:

Please look at the photo and sample pages closely. Several sample pages are available for free download if you would like to see more detail. Please make sure that you are able to open and print the sample pages BEFORE you purchase these work sheets. I have done my best to make sure all worksheets are correct, but there may be errors. If you find an error, I will correct it if possible, and send you a corrected sheet if you wish.

  1. pdf file icon Grade 1 Sample Work Sheet #51-55   [pdf file 37k]
  2. pdf file icon Grade 1 Sample Work Sheet with Clock #31-35   [pdf file 53k]
  3. pdf file icon Grade 1 Sample Work Sheet #86-90 with Clock   [pdf file 56k]


Satisfaction Guaranteed

I began making these work sheets as a homeschool mom to make my homeschool day run more smoothly. My hope is that they will do the same for you. If you are not happy with these worksheets, please let me know! If I can't fix it, I will be glad to issue a refund.

PDF Format

These work sheets are provided in pdf format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (or a similar pdf reader) to view and print these pages. Adobe Acrobat Reader is FREE and can be downloaded here

Download Instructions: Download link will expire in 7 days!

  • After your purchase is complete, you will have immediate access to download the pdf file.
  • Please SAVE the file on your computer. The download link is only available for a limited time (about 7 days).
  • If you opted to pay by check, I will approve your order as soon as I receive your check, and you will be notified.
  • If you paid using PayPal, your receipt and download link will be sent to the same email as your PayPal account. This is automatic and I cannot change it.

Printing for Multiple Families or Schools

I believe that if you purchase these work sheets for your children, you should be able to print as many copies as you need for your family. If you find the work sheets useful and would like to share them with your friends, I would ask you to direct your friends to my web site. I have priced the work sheets low enough so that each family can afford to purchase their own set. If you are a teacher of students other than your own children, and would like to use the worksheets for your classroom, there is a classroom purchase option available.


These worksheets are not published by Saxon Math and are NOT endorsed or affiliated by Saxon Math in any way. They are an independent supplement designed to work with the Saxon Math curriculum. They may be used instead of the blank meeting strips that Saxon Math provides.

Are work sheets available for other grades?

Grade 1 Weather Stickers

Grade 2 Work Sheets are available

Grade 3 Work Sheets are available

The format of Saxon Math changes significantly after the 3rd grade. I did not find any additional work sheets needed for Saxon 5/4 or above.


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